About WebifyIT.ca?

WebifyIT.ca provides internet programming solutions for business and individuals. You might ask why you would want us to design, build, and implement your site for you. Well, we are trained specialists in our field. We have real world experience creating internet presences and we know what does and what does not work. We can build anything from the simplest home page about your pet cat Fluffy to a full featured corporate e-commerce portal.

We take care of everything, from hosting, to email, to technical support, we are the only contact you need to worry about, saving you the hassles of dealing with several different companies.

We strive to meet not only your needs as a company, but your customers needs as well. We will work with you to create your vision. This will be done through constant communication between our staff and yours. You will be able to see your site as it progresses and be able to provide feedback as your vision comes to fruition.