Why do you need a website?

Plan Pricing

Brochure Plan ~ $499

	    -10 Standard Pages
	    -Custom Site Template
	    All you do us supply content!

Identity Plan ~ $799

	    -20 Standard Pages
	    -Custom Designed Website
	    All you do us supply content!

Custom Programming & Design

	    -Need a custom site, with special needs
	    -Need pages that interact with your customer
	    -Anything you need we can build
	    -PHP, ASP, Perl/CGI, MySQL, etc ... all available!

Hourly Prices

	    Programming                                         $60.00
	    Database Design                                     $50.00
	    HTML                                                $50.00
	    Graphics                                            $40.00
	    Installation/Configuration of Packages              $50.00
	    Other Functions (Data Entry, User Management, etc)  $25-60


	    Website Redesign
		    -You have a site , but need a new look?     	Call Us

	    WebBlog Setup                                   	$99 One-Time + Hosting
	    WebBlog Customization                           	$49/hr

	    Forums/Bulletin Board Setup                     	$99 One-Time + Hosting
	    Forums/Bulletin Board Customization             	$49/hr

	    Photo Gallery Script Setup (up to 50 images)    	$49 One Time + Hosting
		    -Additional Images $0.50ea

	    Splash/Intro Page - Static                      	$49
	    Splash/Intro Page - Flash                       	Call Us

	    Online Catalogue (up to 10 products)            	$99
		    -Additional Products $1.99ea
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